Moving Hints and Tips

Moving tips

The most important thing to do is book your mover. Choose a company that you feel you can trust and will complete your move with the professionalism and care that you require.

Booking a member of Move Assured is, of course, a step in the right direction.

Confirm with your mover that you are both clear on the services offered and expected. Dismantling, re-assembling, packing etc.

Confirm dates in writing once you have them and ensure all paperwork is completed.

Either confirm insurance arrangements with your mover or check with your present household contents provider.

If you are going to have a de-clutter and clear out, now is a good time. It may be easier to order a skip for a week to save on multiple trips to your local council tip.

At least a month before the move you need to alert service providers etc.

Notify change of address to the following:

  • Business accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Vet
  • Telephone
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Credit cards
  • Insurances
  • DVLA
  • Passport
  • Newspaper and milk
  • Send change of address cards to friends and family
  • Book post office to redirect mail
  • Inform tv and media suppliers

Security tip… When you move there is always the risk that junk mail delivered in your name could be used by criminals to obtain credit cards etc in your name. To stop this happening contact the Mailing Preference service on 0845 703 4599

Before the move

Arrange to have young children and pets looked after by someone on the day of the move.

Arrange to have tea/ coffee and biscuits with kettle, cups and milk for yourselves and the hard working removal team.

On move day.

Take with you in your car all monies, jewellery and small valuables.

Keep all keys to your house ,garage and sheds handy and labelled for the new owners.

When the removers have finished do a walk round check with them to ensure nothing has been left that needs to be taken.


If you have opted to do your own packing then either use boxes provided by your mover or ensure that they are strong enough.

Secure with parcel tape top and bottom and never just fold the flaps over.

Mark with felt tip on the top of the box or on the tape itself as to the room it is going to and also mark clearly if it contains fragile items.

Don’t make boxes too heavy, it is often a good idea to have heavy items at the bottom and then fill with lighter or softer goods.

Ensure bottle lids are all tight and pack standing up.

Any knives or sharp items should be wrapped prior to packing to ensure they cannot protrude from the box and cause injury.

Last important tip… get a good nights sleep the night before the move with the peace of mind that comes from booking the right company for your move.