Membership credentials
1.1 Insurance checks to be carried out annually with details of all relevant certificates provided
within one month of membership renewal date.
1.2 ‘O’ Licence details to be included in checks notwithstanding that they are valid for 5 years.
1.3 The company’s liability for credential checking is limited to the fact that on the day of checking
and on the annual date of same all insurances and licences are in place as per information for
checking supplied by the remover.
2.1 Monthly subscriptions payable by standing order.
2.2 Membership will become live once insurance and other related checks have proved satisfactory.
2.3 Customer leaflets and vehicle logos will be dispatched within approx. one week of first monthly
subscription received.
2.4 Membership will cease one month after a failed or cancelled direct debit and member details
will show ‘withheld’ on the website.
2.5 Upon ceasing membership all logos to be removed from vehicles and customer leaflets to be
2.6 Membership may be renewed at a later date subject to an administration fee of £25.00.
3.1 A member may be considered for suspension for the following.
• putting changes in place that could cause identity confusion with other members in the same
• unprofessional behaviour
• consistently underpricing
• an unacceptable number of customer complaints
• an unacceptable number of negative feedbacks
• a successful criminal prosecution that would impact adversely on the companies reputation.
• prosecution or suspension of ‘ O ‘ licence by VOSA.
• failing to meet membership criteria.
3.2 In all of these cases representation may be made for mitigating circumstances.
Facebook Members Only Group
4.1 Management will not be liable in any way for items posted on forum page by other members.
No claims will be entertained for losses to self or company whether to reputation or financial,
following advice or comments posted.
4.2 The onus of proof of validity lies with the member him/her self with regard to advice given by
third parties and to satisfy him/herself that the course taken is his/her own choice.
4.3 Any combining of loads-swapping/using/lending/porters/drivers/lorries etc. shall be undertaken
as a private arrangement between the companies involved. Instigating contact between these
companies is the sum of the company’s involvement and culpability.
4.4 All and any tips/hints/advice given on the company’s website – whether to the customer or to the
member – must be viewed as generalisation only and be looked at with a view of suitability for each
individual customers requirements. The company will not be liable for actions following on from
implementing all or any of these.
4.5 Postings and advertisements on this site must be decent and non inflammatory. Inappropriate or
offensive language will not be tolerated.
5.1 Subscription and administration charges will not alter in the year following annual renewal.
5.2 Any future increases will be notified at least one month before renewal date.
5.3 In the event of a break in membership (2.4) upon renewal any increases that have occurred will
be levied.
6.1 Customer leaflets will be provided free of charge and further supplies can be ordered via the
6.2 The number of free customer leaflets provided will be governed by remaining within an
acceptable level of usage based on the size of the company.
6.3 Upon joining we will provide 50 free quotation folders. Further supplies of these can be ordered
in multiples of 50 at a cost of £25, subject to annual review.
6.4 Logos for vehicles will be provided free and any damaged or worn ones returned for free
6.5 As you dispose of any vehicle then remove the logos and return them. We will replace them
when you replace that vehicle or will hold them for forwarding to you at a later date when the
vehicle is replaced.
6.6 We will supply on request further logos for office windows and doors etc.
6.7 Vehicle logos and unused customer leaflets will remain the property of the company.
Fuel Cards
7.0 Upon membership ceasing all entitlements to the discounted fuel rates will cease.
7.1 All Move Assured fuel cards that you hold will change to a higher rate to be determined
between yourself and U.K. Fuels .
7.3 Your Move Assured fuel cards must be destroyed or returned to U.K. Fuels and any new account
opened to be negotiated directly with UK Fuels.
Throughout the terms and conditions the term ‘company’ shall mean Move Assured Ltd.
The term ‘customer’ or ‘member’ shall mean the owner / proprietor / manager / director / transport
manager / holding company.